Why HIS Name?

December 30

Have you ever wondered why most swear words are directed toward God?

Even in everyday plain talk you’ll so often hear “oh God!”

Or “Oh my God!”

A person gets irritated and curses saying, “Jesus Christ!”

I’ve never heard anyone say, “oh Buddha!”

Or “oh Allah!”

What is it about the Name of Jesus? Think about it.

There’s one avowed enemy of Jesus Christ who takes pleasure every time the Name of Jesus is blaphemed, and that’s Satan. He is the one behind the common habit of blaspheming the name of Jesus. How more obvious could it be? No other name is used in cursing.

I suggest that next time you get angry, instead of saying “Jesus Christ,” say “oh Satan!”

or “oh Lucifer!”

or “oh my Allah!”

or “oh Buddha!”

Leave the Name of the Savior to those who speak that Name in love.

You might be glad you did … when you stand before Him.