How Could He Be Joyful?

February 10

“I am filled with comfort.
I am exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation.”
2 Corinthians 7:4

The apostle Paul suffered greatly in his ministry – rejections, imprisonment, beatings, even having been left for dead. Yet he rejoices no matter what tribulation assails him.

How on earth can he do this? It’s hard to imagine how someone can be joyful in tribulation. Think about it – bring to mind something you’ve suffered – were you joyful? What was it that kept Paul joyful in suffering?

Paul had a wisdom not many have, a perspective rare among men. He understood the price he would have to pay for preaching the Gospel. He knew Satan would oppose him strongly. He was not surprised when these things happened, in fact, he would have been surprised had they not. So it was this understanding that enabled him to just accept the cost, accept the opposition, knowing that this is the cost of walking with the Lord.

Anyone who will serve the Lord will be opposed, and they should not be surprised by it. We are hated. And we need to accept that and refuse to let it stop us. And not only that — we need to rejoice that our service so enrages the devil that he causes us suffering. It’s proof of our effectiveness.

In all our various trials and tribulations, let us grasp the promise that our God truly WILL make all things work together for good, and in this assurance let us rejoice regardless what the devil throws at us. Our trials will pass, they are only temporary, and we have great joy to look forward to. In this we can truly rejoice. In this is the demonstration of the power of our faith.





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