Why Are You Reluctant To Share About Christ?

June 10

“No one, when he has lit a lamp,
puts it in a secret place or under a basket,
but on a lampstand,
that those who come in may see the light.”
Luke 11:33

If you are born again, you are in the vast minority among men. Jesus said that the way is narrow and only the few find it (Matthew 7:13-14), so you are carrying around the most precious gift known to man. Don’t hide this precious gift. Don’t put it in a secret place. Speak it loud and clear so that others might see it and be saved.

“Therefore whoever confesses me before men,
him I will also confess before my Father who is in heaven.
But whoever denies me before men,
him I will also deny before my Father who is in heaven.”
Mark 10:32-33

If you’re so timid that you would hide the knowledge of God before men, you run the risk of Jesus denying you before the Father. Are you embarrassed to speak of Jesus? Why would you be embarrassed? The way of salvation has been revealed to you and you have experienced many times the wonderful ways in which the Lord has been real to you, bringing healing, deliverance, encouragement, guidance, and so much more. Don’t be afraid to testify of the wonderful things God has done in your life. Your testimony might mean the difference between heaven and hell for someone.

This doesn’t mean you go into a public place and preach the Gospel. It means that when the Spirit of God opens up to you an opportunity to speak to someone about the Lord, you don’t remain silent out of embarrassment (ashamed to speak of him.) You speak. Your testimony, when prompted by the Holy Spirit, actually CAN be the difference between heaven and hell for that person. Don’t be ashamed to share it.

Be ashamed not to.