Choose The Wisdom From Heaven – Not The Wisdom Of The World

January 14

“In my distress I called upon the Lord,
 and cried out to my God;
 He heard my voice from his temple,
 and my cry came before him, even to his ears.” 
 Psalm 18:6

When in distress, many run to friends to counsel and comfort them, or to alcohol and drugs which only make the situation worse. No. Let us run to the Lord our creator who knows the number of hairs on our head, who authored each one’s DNA, who was there at birth and even before, who kept us and protected us even in the days before we came to know him.

The Lord our Creator alone is able to make things right in our lives. His counsel will not be the counsel we get from friends or experts, or the world system. His counsel will be unique to our situation and will come from the wisdom of his own heart. It will be the wisdom from heaven, not the wisdom of the world. It will succeed, when all else fails.

vs 16,17
“He sent from above, he took me,
 He drew me out of many waters.
 He delivered me from my strong enemy,
 from those who hated me,
 for they were too strong for me.”

There is no enemy or power or demon from hell that can oppose him. He is Lord, the most high God. And he cares about YOU.