Have Great Patience With The Weak And Lowly

January 17

“We then who are strong
ought to bear with the scruples of the weak,
and not to please ourselves.”
Romans 15:1

Be patient with people. Be patient with those who are weak, truly lending them an ear and fully listening to them, for they are equally valuable in the heart of the Lord. “The world” scorns the weak, laughs at them and mostly avoids them. Not so the follower of Jesus Christ. Every member of the Body of Christ is equally valuable in his sight.

Are they victims of one or another form of mental illness? That does not change their value in the eyes of the Lord. Are they of lower intelligence and not able to converse except on simple matters? Still …that does not change their value in the eyes of the Lord. We forget that intelligence and abilities are all relative – we ourselves are not as great as we think ourselves to be.

PRAY and ASK God for grace to be filled with love for the lowly, for this is greatly pleasing to the Lord. Seek out their strong points and gifts and encourage them to grow in using them, for no matter how weak and lowly the person, each one has gifts and talents that God placed within them and they are greatly valuable in the Body of Christ. Encourage them to use them, and appreciate them when you notice them. You might be the only one who has given them love.

vs 7:
“Therefore receive one another,
just as Christ also received us,

to the glory of God.”

When you find yourself annoyed by the weak, remember the condescension of the Lord himself who is so much greater than us, yet he receives us and listens to us constantly. Have therefore, the same patience and depth of heart to receive all – as Christ receives all of us.