Jesus Christ Is, Was, And Will Be Jewish

February 15

“Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob,
and Jacob begot Judah and his brothers.
…And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary,
of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ.”
Matthew 1:2, 16

This passage is the legal genealogy of Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem. Both Joseph and Mary were descended from King David, which is why they went to Bethlehem when the census was ordered and while there, Jesus was born. Bethlehem is presently a “Palestinian” town, and the Muslims say Jesus was actually a Palestinian because he was born there. Islam is a system of lies from the get-go, which they acknowledge, by the way: they are actually taught to lie for the sake of Islam.

Incredibly, some people accept the lie that Jesus was a “Palestinian.” But his genealogy links him back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, both legally through Joseph and physically through Mary, and on through King David. When Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David were alive, there were NO “Palestinians, ” as Islam did not arise until several centuries after Jesus’s birth.

Jesus was born a Jew, lived out his life as a Jew, died as a Jew, and will return as a Jew – not to Ramallah, not to Rome, not to Washington, but to Jerusalem.

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