Smooth Words and Flattering Speech

July 26

“Now I urge you, brethren,
note those who cause divisions and offenses,
contrary to the doctrine which you learned,
and avoid them.
For those who are such do not serve
our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly,

and by smooth words and flattering speech
deceive the hearts of the simple.”
Romans 16:17-18

Deception often comes through smooth words and flattering speech because they are very effective tools that Satan uses to lure the unsuspecting. Satan knows very well what he is doing. His method has not changed – from the very beginning. His method is deception.

If you’re going to a church to hear words warm and sweet, smooth and uplifting speech, you’re in the place of deception. These are those who lure people who only want to be made to feel good, and many of the mega-churches are of this kind, led by wolves in sheep’s clothing – meaning they appear as ministers of God, but are instead fleecing the sheep.

RUN from the “feel good” gospel. Jesus said instead, to take up YOUR CROSS daily and follow him. (Luke 9:23)







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