Take Time To Be Alone With Him

July 29

“But without a parable he did not speak to them.
he explained all things to his disciples.”

Matthew 4:34

The world may hear quotes from the Bible from time to time, and may even be familiar with some of them, but they won’t understand anything but the surface meaning.

God doesn’t share his secrets with the merely curious. There are deep truths hidden in the Word of God, which may only be gleaned by coming aside to be alone with him, sitting at his feet, meditating on his Word, and asking him for revelation, asking him to reveal his Word to listening hearts. Commitment means time alone with him.

Get alone with God. Discover the profound joy of hearing from him and of receiving enlightenment from his Word – enlightenment just for YOU.

“I rejoice at your Word
as one who finds great treasure.”
Psalm 119:162







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