The Strategy Of Satan

August 1

“You believe that there is one God.
You do well. Even the demons believe, and tremble!”
James 2:19

Many people do not believe there are such things as “demons.” One of Satan’s greatest successes is persuading people that he doesn’t exist. If they aren’t aware of the malicious demonic forces out there, how can they deal with them?

Yet the Scriptures show us not only that they exist, but that they are behind the pain, suffering, deception, temptation, and hatred in our world.

Almost a third of the Gospel of Mark shows Jesus casting these evil spirits out of afflicted mankind. Where did they go? They don’t die. They’re still here.

How can you fight your enemy, if you don’t believe he even exists?

The strategy of Satan is always the same: deception.

God has given us weapons to use. Start by asking him HOW to use them. If you recognize the need, take time to approach the Lord about it with prayer and fasting. It could change everything.





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