Should You Cut Off Your Foot?

October 18

“If your hand or foot causes you to sin,
cut it off and cast it from you.
It is better for you to enter into life
lame or maimed,
rather than having two hands
or two feet, to be cast
into the everlasting fire.”
Matthew 18:8

What is the Lord really saying here? There is no record in the Word of God where Jesus tells someone to actually cut his foot off. The woman caught in adultery was not told to cut her foot off. The woman at the well who had five husbands was not told to cut her foot off. What they were told is “go and sin no more.”

Jesus is making the point blatant and shocking in order to convey the UTTER IMPORTANCE of removing from our lives whatever causes us to sin. The alcoholic is not to go to bars “just to be with friends but not to drink.” When he has turned away from alcoholism, he needs to part with his drinking buddies. He needs to cut off that which caused him to sin.

The man repenting of pornography must stay away from the porn sections of bookstores and even get rid of his computer if that is what causes him to sin.

One can’t flirt with sin thinking it won’t trap us. IT WILL.

We live in a fallen human nature prone to sin. The Lord doesn’t ask the impossible from us. What he wants is our desire to be like him, to be pleasing to him. The first step in achieving that is to remove from our lives all that causes us to sin.

Repentance will be like a very heavy load being removed from your back. Peace will come. Joy will come. You’ll wonder how on earth you could have chosen sin instead of the peace and joy of being right with God.