Are You A Sitting Duck?

March 24

Are You A Sitting Duck?

“…lest Satan should take advantage of us,
for we are not ignorant of his devices.”
2 Corinthians 2:11

When armies go to war, they must first know their enemy. How can we take so lightly the very deadly attempts from our enemy to destroy us?

Many do not even believe there IS a Satan. And of those who do, too many are “ignorant of his devices.” How can we succeed without understanding the plots and plans against us?

If you were to ask people what Satan’s methods are, most would say that he tempts us to sin. True, but that’s only part of it. His GREATEST m.o. was revealed to us in the very first narrative about him in Genesis and shows that it’s far more insidious than that. Did he tempt Eve? Yes, of course. But the power of his plan was in his ability to DECEIVE her, to convince her that THE WORD OF GOD IS NOT TRUE.

He starts out asking “Did God really say …?” Then he proclaims that what God said was NOT true – if you take this fruit, you will NOT surely die, he states, calling God a liar. Then he presents to her the PLEASURE she’ll have if she takes the fruit.

This was Satan’s great m.o from the beginning, and continues to be to this very day. Don’t think that all he does is tempt to sin. No, his method is far more terrible than that. His m.o is to stress the pleasure, and then tell you that what God has said about it is not true.

And therein lies man’s downfall.

How has Satan been able to convince you that the Word of God is not true in an issue in your life?