Don’t Be Deceived By The World’s Agenda

February 19

“Blessed is that man
who makes the Lord his trust
and does not respect the proud,
nor such as turn aside to lies.”
Psalm 40:4

Think media. It’s a hard thing for many to do — to get one’s eyes off the proud and those who speak lies. Why is it that we put so much trust in what the media tell us, even though we know they are fostering a corrupt agenda?

In many instances, the trouble starts in the high schools and colleges. Perhaps the most dangerous of all men are the professors who deceive the young and foster in them a false world view. Then they become our leaders, in many cases brainwashed and corrupt.

Dare to turn from these and find out what God has to say. You can’t put your trust in both, because they present opposing world views, they are from opposing kingdoms. Dare to turn from what you see and believe in what you don’t see, for that Kingdom that you don’t see — is where the truth is.