Daily Devotional by Title

. A Bit of Humor After The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
. A Fool By Choice
. Accept Suffering -There’s A Very Real Purpose In It
. All Persecuted Will Receive Great Reward
. All Secrets Will Be Revealed
. All The Prophets Wrote About Him
. Appointed To Trials But Not For Nought
. Are We Escapists?
. Are You A Sitting Duck?
. Are You Ashamed Of Him?
. Are You Bored With God’s Word? Itching For Something New?
. Are Your Sins Too Great To Be Forgiven
. At Some Point …It’s Too Late
. Be Conformed To His Sufferings – Willingly
. Be Gentle
. Be Ye Separate Says The Lord
. Because He Wants To Bless You
. Behold The Lamb
. Being Born Again Changes Everything
. Believing Lies
. Bitterness Defiles All Who Are Around It
. By Spending Time With Him
. Call Upon The One Who Alone Is In Control Over All
. Can A Believer Be Demonized?
. Can You Say “Lord Jesus”?
. Cause Me To Know
. Change Your Focus
. Choose Carefully Whom You Support
. Choose The Wisdom From Heaven – Not The Wisdom Of The World
. Christ Our Passover
. Christ The Atoning Sacrifice – Our Covering
. Come Up Hither
. Cooperate With Him
. Could You Prove It?
. Do All Paths Lead To God?
. Do You Have Low Self-Esteem?
. Do You Know Him? Does He Know You?
. Do You Sometimes Think God Should Do Things Differently?
. Don’t Be Deceived By The World’s Agenda
. Don’t Resist God’s Discipline
. Don’t Ever Give Up
. Don’t Judge The Baby
. Don’t Miss It
. Don’t Put It Off
. Don’t Tempt Yourself
. Each According To Its Unique Kind
. Effective Fervent Prayer
. Evolution Denies The Creator
. Excuses Don’t Work Before God
. Father Knows Best
. Foolish Talk
. Forever Is A Long, Long Time
. Friendship With The World – Enmity With God
. Give Earnest Heed
. Glory In Tribulations
. God Himself Authored Your Unique Personality
. God Is Our Refuge And Strength In Our Troubles
. God Is Your Defense
. God Never Changes And His Word Abides Forever
. God Orders Our Steps
. Have Great Patience With The Weak And Lowly
. Have The Same Attitude When Pleasant or Unpleasant
. He Cares For The Lonely And Fearful
. He Cares For You
. He Is Near To The Wounded
. He Is Near To You In Your Distress
. He Is The God Who Multiplies
. He Is There No Matter Where
. He Knows Every Single Thing About You – And Still Loves You
. He Looks At Him And Pardons Me
. He Makes It All Seem Good
. He Must Be First – Not Last
. He Places His Word Above Even His Name
. He Will Judge By Truth
. He Will Save ‘To The Uttermost’
. His Mercy Endures Forever
. If You Preach Love And Good Works All Will Love You
. In Your Faithfulness You Have Afflicted Me
. Invest Your Present For Your Future
. Investments
. Is The Old Testament Relevant Today?
. Israel’s Promise
. It Changes Everything
. Jesus Christ Is, Was, And Will Be Jewish
. Job Knew There Is Life After Death
. Just As I Am
. Leave The Domain of The Murderer
. Let Go Of Anger
. Look At The Cross And Ask ‘Why?’
. Many Rich Are Among The Most Poor
. May He Direct Your Heart
. More Than Service – He Wants Your Heart
. No One Will Be Saved By His Own Goodness
. Obey The Laws Of The Land From A Right Heart
. Of Chains And Choices
. Oh Deliver Me From Myself
. Our Afflictions Aren’t Arbitrary
. Peace Is Not The Absence Of Stress
. Pour Out Your Heart Before Him
. Pray Instead For Grace To Cooperate
. Put Your Laws Into My Heart
. Rejection
. Religious People And Deception
. Remind Yourself Of Your Jordan
. Repentance Brings Peace
. Rise Above It
. Sin By Any Other Name
. Sin Fascinates Then Assassinates
. Sincerely Wrong
. SO He Prospered
. Sometimes It Takes Fasting
. Sowing And Reaping
. Success Means Adversaries
. Take Note Whom He Calls
. Teach Me Oh Lord
. Telling God He’s Wrong
. The Age of Deception
. The Desires Of One’s Heart
. The Difference Is In The Results
. The Door Has Been Opened
. The Eye Of The Heart
. The Gift of Repentance
. The Heartbreak of Sudden Trauma
. The Many and The Few
. The Merciful Heart
. The Nice and The Gruff
. The Offense Of The Gospel
. The Passover Lamb
. The Philosophies of The World Are Dangerously Deceptive
. The Picture Of Your Redemption
. The Spirit of Revelation
. The Sting of The Tongue
. The Stories Believers Love To Tell
. The Tongue Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction
. The Way To Happiness
. The Way Up Is Down
. The Word Of God Doesn’t Change With The Culture
. Then Leave It There
. There Are Some Left – But Not For Long
. There Is No Papacy In The Bible
. There Is Only ONE Mediator
. They Call It Dysfunction – God Calls It Sin
. They Scoffed – Then They Died
. They Won’t Tell You About The Cross
. This Was No Monotone Story!
. To Test The Spirits Is Not Judging
. Too Rich To Be Saved
. Tribulations Are Necessary
. Trust The Shepherd
. Truth Can Be Costly
. Was Pontius Pilate Saved?
. We Are Not Under The Law
. We Sin Because It’s Pleasurable
. We’re Here For Such A Short Time
. We’re Only Passing Through
. What Goes Around Comes Around
. What Might Have Been
. When They Speak Evil of You
. When Your Enemies Are Giants
. Which Would You Choose?
. Who Are “The Saints?”
. Who Can Advise Me What To Do?
. Who Killed Jesus?
. Whom Do You Turn To?
. Why Do They Refuse To Retain God In Their Knowledge
. Win Them With Gentleness
. With Fear And Trembling
. Would A Loving God Sent People To Hell
. You Ask Amiss
. You Call It Shyness – He Calls It ‘Ashamed’
. You Can Still See Sodom’s Testimony
. You Can’t Do It On Your Own
. You’ll Never Walk Alone
. Your Choice
. Your Enemy Knows Exactly Where To Hit
. Your Life On A Yardstick
. Your Treasure Here Will Determine Your Future There