Why Do They Curse The Name Of The Son Of God?

January 15

“And my name is blasphemed continually every day.”
Isaiah 52:5

Have you ever wondered WHY it is the name of the Lord that people use when they curse? Why not some other god? Have you ever heard “Allah damned?” Or “Oh Buddha” when something goes wrong? Why is it always and only the name of the Lord?

When I hear someone spit out “Jesus Christ” it actually feels like a sword piercing my heart. Oh if only they would come to KNOW him, and receive his salvation, instead of using his name to curse.

But if you take a deeper look, it becomes apparent that the actual source is Satan himself. He hates “Jesus Christ” passionately, and it is with great joy that he speaks through people in cursing the name of the Son of God.

Be aware, those of you who curse the name of Jesus. There may come a day when in desperate straits you might need to call upon him. And that will be hard for you to do if you’ve spent your life cursing him.