He Places His Word Above Even His Name

June 15

“For you have magnified your Word
above all your Name.”
 Psalm 138:2

Throughout the Word of God he speaks of the greatness of his Name, yet he says he places his Word even ABOVE his Name. In other words, our Creator tells us that there is nothing more important than the Word of God, the Bible. The Scriptures. The “Manufacturer’s Handbook.”

God didn’t put man on the earth – then turn away saying, “see you at the end, I hope you make it.” No! He gave us his Word so that we would know who he is, what it’s all about, and so that we could know our origin, our purpose, and our destiny.

If there’s anything that is on the top of Satan’s agenda, it’s keeping people away from the Scriptures. Satan has attacked every revelation in the Word of God, starting with the denial of the very first chapter in the Bible, the story of creation. Satan has put it into the minds of great men that everything “evolved,” denying God the honor of being the Creator. What a slap in the face to God, and the world insists on denying Him even in the face of scientific proof through the discovery of DNA which proves there was no evolution.

If anyone refuses to get into God’s Word, they’ll go on in oblivion and end up in eternal separation from him. The enemy of our soul does all he can to prevent us from getting into the Word of God. The enemy’s suggestions to our mind are always deception, and we’ve seen his M.O. from the very beginning when he convinced Adam and Eve to disbelieve the Word of God.

Don’t fall for the deception that can destroy your eternity. Get into the Word that will save you and make life here worth living.