It Will Be Too Late

February 21

It is amazing, the parallels between ancient Israel and America as Israel was brought into judgment. Before that happened, the Lord sent prophets to them warning them and even pleading with them not to bring judgment upon themselves because of their wickedness. They did not repent. He sent more prophets. They absolutely refused to repent. Then the worst and most violent enemy of that time, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, came upon them and destroyed Jerusalem, murdering many, and taking the survivors captive to Babylon.

It wasn’t by accident that there was a terrible, violent nation who would come against Israel. No, the Lord himself raised them up for this purpose:

“I will prepare destroyers against you,
everyone with his weapons;”
Jeremiah 22:7

The Book of Jeremiah shows the heart of God as he pleaded and warned, and pleaded again and warned, begging them not to bring judgment upon themselves. But they wouldn’t listen:

vs: 21
“I spoke to you in your prosperity,
but you said, ‘I will not hear.’”

Finally – after much pleading with them — they were given over to their enemy and Jerusalem was utterly destroyed:

vs: 25
…and I will give you into the hand of those who seek your life,
and into the hand of those WHOSE FACE YOU FEAR…

It’s amazing that in this generation there are countries like Iran with nuclear weapons, who have brazenly stated their intent to destroy America. Meanwhile, God has raised up men of understanding to warn America. And warn. And warn. But America says, “I will not hear.” America’s great sins multiply in defiance daily.

When judgment comes, may it wake up many as they remember that before judgment came, many warnings were given as God’s patience waited.

But it will be too late.