We Must Part With The Things Of Satan’s Kingdom

June 28

“And many who had believed came
confessing and telling their deeds.
Also, many of those who had practiced magic
brought their books together
and burned them in the sight of all.
And they counted up the value of them,
and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.”
Acts 19:18

We are born into a fallen world, to fallen parents, into a fallen culture. When we come to Jesus Christ for salvation, we leave that world and come into his Kingdom. In the passage above, it tells how Paul preached the Gospel in Ephesus, and those who believed the Gospel message parted from the things of Satan’s kingdom, and in forsaking that kingdom, they burned all the occult books and artifacts they owned. It even stresses the fact by telling the great cost of the books and materials they burned, showing that their repentance was so real that they were willing to destroy their costly books and materials regardless of the monetary value of them.

This is repentance — a total turning away from the things that made up our past.

Satan works by claiming “rights.” If you have anything in your home or on your person that belongs to the Satanic kingdom, he will claim that you’ve provided him an opening, an open door, for him to be in your life. That’s why the Scriptures are so adamant that we part with anything of an occult or “New Age” nature.

It’s not worth it. Get rid of them, regardless of the cost. Do NOT give them to someone else which would ensnare that person, destroy them, close any openings, any “rights” that Satan has in your life.