We Sin Because It’s Pleasurable

January 4

“The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor…”
Proverbs 11:9

Words are powerful. Words spoken against a person may be taken to heart by someone listening, and the person spoken against might now be viewed by others through the lens of our hateful words. We can destroy someone by our words.

We don’t stop to think of the hypocrisy from which we speak, ignoring the fact that we have faults too. A person may fancy himself better than the other, but he isn’t – and that is demonstrated by the very act of speaking evil of his neighbor.

vs 13:
“A talebearer reveals secrets,
but he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter.”

The temptation to tell others is great. WHY is it that we get PLEASURE out of telling juicy bits of information in the first place?

Take a look at pleasure. Sin always begins a with a person being drawn to PLEASURE. Whatever sin a person is bound in, he won’t want to leave it because it gives him pleasure. Do you hate someone? Hatred is pleasure. How much time do we spend relishing evil thoughts about someone – because it gives us pleasure? Sin attaches itself to us through the DECEIT of pleasure.

“Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin;
and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.”
James 1:15

Don’t be a tale bearer. Remember the warning:

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;
for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”
Galatians 6:7

If you take pleasure in gossip, someone will take pleasure in gossiping about YOU. That is what is meant by “reaping.”

Be merciful toward someone when you know a juicy tidbit. Do a good turn for that person, find MERCY within yourself and conceal the matter. With such an attitude God will be much pleased.